The Windhaven Chronicles

A Vampire Assassin and a Possessed Book

Gartan the Cursed, a vampire assassin once enslaved by the demonic Empress, is finally free. With the Empress' soul bound into the pages of a book, all he has to do is destroy the book to be free of Her forever, free to wreak his vengeance on those priests and nobles who treated him like a subhuman animal, free to return home to the ruins of a city he ruled centuries before.

But the Empress has not survived so long by accepting fate, and She is nothing if not cunning.

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An Escaped Slave, A Gate to Hell, and

A Choice to Make

Caldane, a slave and the last survivor of his clan, knows he can’t endure more of the dark rituals performed to harvest his magic. Learning the mother he thought dead still lives, he escapes. His slave master hunts him. A giant seeks to ensnare him. Caldane faces the choice of saving himself or saving people who don’t realize they’re slaves.

In this stand-alone novel in the Windhaven Chronicles, Watson Davis weaves a ripping yarn of adventure and self-discovery, a coming-of-age tale set in a dangerous world of tribes battling empires, of fantastic creatures and infernal magic.

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A Renegade, A Rogue, and a Mysterious Treasure

Gartan sees the chance to lead the most daring raid in Onei history, the chance to make a glorious name for himself, and the chance to capture the greatest treasure in the world.  His son can't talk him out of it, and his wife only goads him on.  But can any man, even an Onei, face dragons and seamonsters, orcs and magicians, and live to tell the tale?

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