Diaries of a Space Marine

A Martian Marine, A War Criminal, A Hero

Dorothea, once a decorated soldier, finds herself paroled from military prison.  She just wants to become a regular person with a regular job, but the wrong people remember who she is and what she's done.

They want her dead, and they're willing to pay.

Welcome to the first novella in the Diaries of a Space Marine series, a rousing tale of a warrior who's trying to fit in.

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Interplanetary Terrorism, Corporate Backstabbing, and Nanotech Zombies!

Dorothea has a new job using her old skills, but her first mission takes off on the wrong foot, leaving her floating in zero-g with her whole squad wanting to kill her.  Going up against interplanetary terrorists, shadowy crime-lords, and a station full of zombies might be too much even for Dorothea.

In this military sci-fi romp across the solar system, Watson Davis weaves a convoluted tale of intrigue and terror with guns and blasters blazing.

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